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Rediscover your favourite creators on the CumRocket Marketplace. Connect intimately by buying NFTs, tipping, chatting, and subscribing to their content feeds.

  • Anonymous transactions: the blockchain is designed to protect identity, keeping creators and fans safe.
  • Secure: ALL our members' information is encrypted and protected.
  • Instant payments: take control of your finances with crypto. Payments are never withheld and no minimum payout needed. Enjoy zero chargebacks using $CUMMIES.
CumRocket CEO


CumRocket is a token focused on building an NFT marketplace for adult content (NSFW pictures, videos), allowing chat messaging, tipping, and subscription services in the future.
CUMMIES is the ticker for our token, CumRocket
Every transaction has a 5% fee, 2.5% of which is reflected, and 2.5% of which is burnt. The reflection is distributed to all CUMMIES holders proportionally, and the burn decreases the total supply—increasing your slice of the total pie.
No chargebacks, instant payments, no minimum payouts, lower transaction fees, and increased anonymity for both creators and buyers! No more adult content on your bank statement, and since accounts aren't tied to bank cards, you won't get blacklisted for selling adult content!
Yes—our token, CUMMIES, has been audited by Solidity Finance and has passed with flying colours. The CUMMIES token may fluctuate due to it being a tradable asset, and so any balances held in CUMMIES may increase or decrease in value. However, holding your money in fiat (eg USD) actually makes you lose money every single year due to inflation, while CUMMIES is deflationary, meaning the total supply is constantly becoming scarcer and therefore more valuable.
No, you can only gain CUMMIES by holding. The deflationary aspect to CUMMIES means that every transaction burns a small percentage of the total supply, though this is not applied to holder balances. Instead, it's applied to the CUMMIES that are not held by anyone (the purchasable CUMMIES).
CumRocket plans to disrupt the monopolistic, predatory adult industry by empowering content creators (and their fanbases) as stakeholders in an adult-friendly ecosystem. We plan to provide many of the services and features creators might find on OnlyFans, clipsites, or camshows, alongside other future usecases and benefits provided by the power of blockchain. Championed by a passionate team, CumRocket is intent on prioritizing their relationship with content creators—a relationship that's often nonexistent between creators and the platforms they're beholden to.
Most immediately, blockchain allows for avoidance of the fiat payment system—principally Visa and Mastercard, and their respective policies effects on platform's TOS. This means that CumRocket will never be subject to payment processor restrictions! No chargebacks, instant payments, no minimum payouts, lower transaction fees, and increased anonymity for both creators and buyers.
Absolutely! CUMMIES will be listed with additional exchanges, allowing stakeholders easier access as well as more payment processing options.
CumRocket charges a 15% commission fee on content sales, one of the lowest fees in the adult industry (this includes the 5% tokenomics tax if CUMMIES are used).
CumRocket uses third-party industry standard and compliant age verification technology (YOTI) on its marketplace and adult-only channels.
Absolutely! CumRocket is proud to support diverse content creators, both as models and as stakeholders with valid input on the ecosystem and development. We welcome new creators, and our Outreach Department is working with new official partners all the time! Moreover, everyone is welcome to join our Discord, Telegram and Reddit communities.
Yes, there will be categorical and tag-based organization, and we welcome all legal, ethical content creation.

Mission Statement

CumRocket aims to champion, normalize, and democratize adult content creation.

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